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      This collection features a combination of everyday wear and utility. It is designed for parents who have the responsibility to take care of their children as a functional genderless piece.
      After conducting a questionnaire of over three hundred people who got married and even have children, there is a growing tendency of the men in the family to participate more in chores and family-related tasks.
      The sexual heritage implanted in many cultures and regions throughout human history makes the inequality of gender roles on the topic of family issues become controversial and sensitive. In order to solve the problems, it might be putting the two parties in the same position.
      Living in the world of paying more attention to capital, appearance, and status, this collection believes in the importance of not only achieving success in careers but also leaving time and concentration for their families.
      By fulfilling the customer’s demand for utilitarian design such as adding more pockets and safety and durability of the fabric choice, this piece is created and still needed to be further adjusted.

handwritten dadbymyside.jpg

 (*get a better view of the line sheets below by browsing the website via desktop)

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