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An Ongoing Lullaby

This project explores my 20-year-long experience with a plastic toy called Po that functioned as a comfort object. Po is an imaginary companion which alleviates my loneliness and frustration from the absence of early parental care due to the particularity of my parents' careers. To compensate for the void of social connection, I imbue human-like qualities on Po and conduct role-play with her. Through this collection, I acknowledge the universality of comfort objects and rectify the misunderstanding that such behavior is a mental illness or sign of immaturity, thereby raising the awareness of the need to prioritize parental caregiving responsibilities.

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In this long-term relationship, Po not only provides psychological comfort and physical strength for me but also helps with my capacity to be alone. Whenever I clutch Po with my hand -especially at the time of going to sleep- its cool and slick tactile texture sweeps away my stress and annoyance.

From my perspective, Po's role has been transformed from merchandise from my favorite television program Teletubbies to my best friend and over time my daughter. Bestowing psychological attributes and social characteristics onto Po makes me imagine that I see subtle changes in her facial expression in response. Therefore, Po becomes part of me, letting me view the world from her perspective and fulfilling my nurturing role as a mother figure.

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