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Responding to the political disruptions and new aspirations of history, East-Asian women today are still expected to wear loose silhouette which covers up their body. East-Asian society enforces women to build up untouchable, virginal, remote, and modest characteristics to hinder the lust of men. The neo-Confucianism value, which set up this conservative civilized culture, is remaining in East-Asian society.

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The fear of nudity and sex was formed based on the conservative culture that frowns on nudity and sexual expression. Psychologists came up with terminology with this specific type of fear as gymnophobia. Under the situation of a stressful social environment, gymnophobia can generate from body dysmorphic disorder. This mental illness refers to how individuals place excessively unhealthy focus on nonexistent or unnoticeable flaws on their bodies. The population of this disorder boosts when the society sets its privilege of a specific body image. Participants in any stage of pursuing this general aesthetic can be involved in social anxiety.

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S/S 2020 Lookbook Photoshoot | DARA SUN | ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

Photographer: Eno Lyu | Model: Yue-yao Li (C/O LA Model Management) | MUA: Yi-ran Jia 

"The design approach focuses on reinventing the corsetry by reducing its tightness and panel around the body. The redesign epitomizes my expectation of bodily integrity and my eagerness for the freedom of dressing. Faithfully, there are more and more women fighting for their rights. Women are extricating themselves from ignorance of physiology and working hard to achieve higher education and financial independence. Women are getting rid of the vulnerable and receptive social role, which depends on men. The redesigned corsetry element and rhetorical X-ray manipulation all serve my wish that women can have control over their aesthetics, freedom in their body presentation, and confidence in their natural body. Therefore, my purpose is to persuade more contemporary women who have similar experiences and concerns to me to have confidence in their bodies and topic of nudity and human sexuality, and an egocentric fashion attitude. "——DARA SUN

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